Project Activities

1. Forming a team for management and control of project activities
2. Publicity and dissemination activities
3. Preparation and carrying out of tender procedures
4. Project preparation in the stage of a technical project
5. Execution of construction works
6. Providing of author supervision
7. Supply of equipment for the visitor center and the open-air museum
8. Construction works supervision
9. Investment control
10. Archeological monitoring
11. Commissioning
12. Auditing of the project

Expected results

Built archaeological complex “Maltepe” – an open-air museum which offers/ equipped with:

  • Information center;
  • Spaces for outdoor exhibition;
  • Halls for education, training and cooperation in the field of history, archeology and arts;
  • Areas for scientific research;
  • Multimedia information system;
  • Park area;
  • Parking lot;
  • Site for soil disposal;
  • Conceptual opportunity for future expansion and development;