General objectives of the project

The “Maltepe” open-air museum project is aimed at realizing the objectives of measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of the cultural heritage”, i. е. the protection of areas of the cultural heritage, development of open-air museums, and the preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage for the future generations.
The transformation of the site into a tourist attraction, resulting from the project activities, will greatly contribute to raising the attractiveness this region, which in turn will increase the opportunities for implementation of activities towards further preservation and revitalization of the other cultural sites located in it and could stimulate the involvement and more significant participation of the institutions in the fulfillment of similar tasks.

Target Groups

  • Civil society;
  • Pupils and students with educational and cognitive purposes;
  • Tourists and tourist guides;
  • Specialists: archaeologists, architects, historians; anthropologists and all others in human science;
  • Cultural institutions, non-profit organizations;
  • Researchers;
  • Representatives of minorities;
  • Disabled people