In relation to the improving weather conditions and temperature increase from 14/02/2017 the construction of the site “Archaeological complex with reception building, information center, open and covered areas for exposure and academic archeology” was restored.
Construction and engineering works continues at a rapid pace to fully compensated the delay caused by deteriorating weather conditions during the winter months.
Soon the rough construction will be completed and a suitable conditions for the establishment and installation of equipment and furniture will be created.
As a result of implementation of project activities, visitors’ center will be equipped with multifunctional software information system which will provide general information on exposure, thematic information about the exhibits, a plan with the layout of the halls, information about current and future exhibitions.
There is also video system which provides a large video projection space. Each visitor will be able to take advantage of individual guided system by which to get a great experience, seeing and getting to know the subject.
The visitor will be able to experience the atmosphere of the Thracian lands and through specially manufactured to original historical documents accessories and attributes – crowns, jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, rings, shields, swords, spears, bows, arrows, pottery, coins, vessels and others.
For more interesting experience for the visitors there will be a craft workshop, equipped with a ceramic furnace, a potter’s wheel and a loom. An unique map of Thracian mounds in Bulgaria will give a clearer idea of the heritage left by the Thracians on our lands