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December 2016 – “OPEN – AIR MUSEUM “MALTEPE”
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Press Release

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“OPEN MUSEUM” MALTEPE “with beneficiary Municipality Maritsa, which is implemented in partnership with
• Regional Archaeological Museum town. Plovdiv
• District Administration with administrative center Plovdiv
It is being built with the most modern materials and high quality, on time.

The project is worth 805 961.61 euros and has a term of execution 18 months, from 28.08.2016 to 28.02.2017.
Grants provided through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009 – 2014 Programme BG08 “Cultural heritage and contemporary arts” on Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of cultural heritage” by the Ministry of Culture, under Contract №24-10M1- 45 of 28.08.2015.

In connection with the implementation of the activities and progress of the project “Open Air Museum Maltepe” on 10 June 2016. After public tender for selection of contractor, the mayor of the municipality of Maritsa Mr. Dimitar Ivanov and the representative of “MAL Tepe 2016 “DZZD signed a contract for” Engineering object “Archaeological complex with reception building, information center, open and covered areas for exposure and academic archeology” places. Maltepe, in the village of. Manole, Municipality Maritsa. The contract for engineering is worth 1 428 164.96 lev VAT and the total execution time is 180 calendar days from the date of signing the contract.

The investment project is set layout space around the mound, which is also formed. Designated is an area for study archeology, restoration and museum practices. In northeast defined area for disposal of the dust removed from the mound.

There is parking for visitors arriving to serve up to 15 cars and 2 buses.

For administrative services of the museum provided space to meet several goals:
• Information center

• Conference room

• Premises for the personnel

• Premise security

• Storage service and service facilities

On targets related to education and training in the fields of history, archeology and the arts are provided for educational practices hall (rooms with installed technical and educational props, multimedia and computer devices), and storage area.

The total area of the building is 790.05 square meters

The project included a seminar room for about 30 people.

The site of the archaeological complex have provided more:
• Zone openly exhibiting structures mound
• Beautiful landscape – gazebos, seating
• Depot for storage of dust
• Areas serving the research team

For construction supervision provided under the project of 16.05.2016g. It contracted with “Control-invest” LTD. The contract comes into force from the day of opening of the construction and is effective until the issuance of a permit for use of the site by the State Acceptance Commission, but not later than 28.02.2017.

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