1, 6 million BGN is granted for the excavation of the largest Thracian mound in Bulgaria

разкопки, тракийска могила, МалтепеThe largest Thracian mound in the country – “Maltepe” near the Plovdiv village Manole, will be transformed into an open – air museum. Mayor of “Maritsa” municipality Mr. Dimitar Ivanov signed a contract with the Ministry of Culture for the research and conservation of the cult object, and the display of the finds in it. The Project has secured EU funding of € 805,961. The mound has not been looted by treasure hunters so far because of its size – its diameter is 90 meters and its height is 22 meters. The geophysical surveys carried out on the embankment in 2003 showed the presence of 7-8 graves.

It is suggested that the facilities are related to the Thracian ruler Rhoemetalces II and the members of his family. According to the head of the Archaeological Museum Assoc. Prof. Kostadin Kisiov “Maltepe” is a part of a larger necropolis consisting of around 40 mounds. A smaller mound was found 300 m east of the cult object, where there was a crematorium. The incinerated corpses were laid in “Maltepe”.

Source: novini.bg