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August 2015 – “OPEN – AIR MUSEUM “MALTEPE”
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Transform the “Maltepe” mound near Manole village in open-air museum

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договор за Малтепе
Договорът беше подписан от кмета на община „Марица” Димитър Иванов и директора на Дирекция “Европейски програми и проекти” в Министерството на културата Ангел Ангелов

“Maltepe” mound near Manole village, ”Maritsa” municipality Plovdiv District/Region is the largest tomb mound in Bulgaria,and it is a part of a larger Thracian necropolis associated with the history of ancient Philippopolisin within the period from I c. BC. to III. C AD.
At the Ministry of Culture, which is the Programme Operator of Program BG08 “Cultural Ceritage and contemporary Arts”, financed under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, a contract with “Maritsa” municipality was signed for gratuitously financial funding/ a grant financed under under Measure 1 “Restoration, Renovation and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage”.

The grant is for 805 961, 61 euros, and the duration of the project term is 18 months. The contract was signed by the mayor of “Maritsa” municipality Mr. Dimitar Ivanov and the Director of “European Programs and Projects” directorate in the Ministry of Culture Mr. Angel Angelov.

The purpose of “OPEN-AIR MUSEUM “MALTEPE” project is to transform the archaeological site near Manole village into a tourist attraction, which will contribute to the increased public interest in the Manole village and the nearby cultural and historical sites, which are also are interesting from a historical and culturological perspective.

The “Maltepe” mound from a historic perspective is extremely important object of the Bulgarian cultural history and an immovable cultural value under Art.146 of the Law for Cultural Heritage (State Newspaper, issue 19, 2009) and Order № 1711/22.10.1962 of the Council of Ministers. The mound is registered as an immovable cultural value – an archaeological site – in the
Automated Information System “Archaeological Map of Bulgaria” under registration number: 10001496. “Maltepe” mound is located at a latitude of 171 meters. This is the largest tomb in Bulgaria with dimensions – diameter of 90 meters and a height of 22 m. The “Maltepe” mound is a part of a larger Thracian necropolis connected with the history of the ancient Philippopolis from the period of I c. BC. to III c. AD.

On the larger part of the mound, in 2003, geophysical surveys were carried out by the Plovdiv Regional Archaeological Museum and specialists from the National Archaeological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. As a result the presence of different types of tomb facilities was established. The mound is a complex consisting of a central tomb and secondary tombs comnnected most probably with the Thracian ruler Remetalk II, an ally of the Roman emperors and members of his family.

The creation of an open-air museum is the most adequate and original method which will present to the Bulgarian and foreign tourists a reconstruction of the ancient religious beliefs and the funeral practices of the Thracian rulers who ruled the kingdom of Odrysaeans and Philippopolis from the I century BC. To the III c. AD.
The project is carried out in partnership with the Plovdiv Regional Administration and the Regional Archaeological Museum – Plovdiv. The announcement of an open procedure under the Public procurement law for engineering execution is pending.

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