An open-air museum “Maltepe” will be disclosed in Maritsa Municipality July 28, 2016


Today the first dig of the Open-air museum “Maltepe” in Maritsa Municipality has been made and it is being implemented in partnership with Regional archeological museum of Plovdiv and Regional administration with administrative center Plovdiv, the correspondent of BGNES for the region reports. The event was attended by the mayor of Maritsa Municipality – Mr Dimitar Ivanov, the mayor of Manole village – Mr Alexander Ivanov, ass. prof. Kostadin Kisyov – director of the Regional archeological museum in Plovdiv, as well as representatives of the “MAL TEPE 2016” consortium. The two mayors did the groundbreaking which marked the beginning of the implementation of the construction work related to the building of the first open-air museum on the territory of the municipality. Mr Dimitar Ivanov assured all the attendees that he will personally exercise control over the qualitative and timely implementation of all construction activities and wished luck to all the project participants. The project costs 805 961.61 Euro and has to be implemented in 18 months – from 28.08.2015 until 28.02.2017.  The grant is provided by The financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014, Programme BG08 “Cultural heritage and contemporary arts” under Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and protection of cultural heritage” via the Ministry of culture, according to Contract №24-10М1-45 from 28.08.2015. Mound “Maltepe” is the biggest funeral mound on the territory of Bulgaria and has dimensions of 90 m in diameter and 22 m in height. The mound represents a part of a large Thracian necropolis which is linked to the history of the antique Philippopolis between 1st century BC and 3rd century AC. It is registered as an immovable cultural property – as an archeological subject in the Automated information system “Archeological map of Bulgaria” under Registration number № 10001496. In order for the activities to be implemented and progress to be made on the project “An open-air museum Maltepe”, on 10 June 2016, after an auction for choosing an implementer was held, the mayor of Maritsa Municipality Mr Dimitar Ivanov and the representative of “MAL TEPE 2016” signed a contract for conducting “Engineering of an object: “Archeological complex with a visitors’ building, an information center, open and covered areas for exhibitions and training archeology”, Manole area, the lands of village Manole, Maritsa Municipality. The contract for engineering costs 1 428 164.69 BGN incl. VAT and the implementation period is 180 calendar days starting from the day when the contract was signed. Staging the area around the mound is set in the investment project. A spot for training archeology, restoration and museum practices is set up. A particular area for landfilling the earth excavated from the mound is designated in the northwest direction. A parking lot for arriving visitors will be provided and it will serve up to 15 automobiles and 2 buses.

Specific premises are provided in order the museum to be attended administratively and they serve some main goals:

  1. Information centre
  2. Conference hall
  3. Staff premises
  4. Security premises
  5.  Additional service premises

Source: BGNES