Intense archaeological summer in Plovdiv

снимка: БГНЕС

The end of July began research on Nebet in Plovdiv, said the director of the Regional Archaeological Museum Assoc. Prof. Kostadin Kisyov.

Large team led by Arch. Sofia Hristova and assistants in archeology from the University of Plovdiv for a month or two will have to establish on the basis of geophysical surveys last year and current excavations several important things he said on Thursday.

In the area around the reservoir from the Middle Ages were never conducted archaeological excavations. The aim is to see if the western wall does not continue in this sector and whether there are some internal walls.If it is find these fortifications, they need maximum to be revealed so that the project, which will follow for restoration and conservation, cover the entire area of Nebet, including the eastern wall, which is now hidden by vegetation. Depending on the excavations next month will consider whether to dig the entire area.

Intense is a program of the Plovdiv archaeologists this summer. The largest part of them headed by Arch. Jeni Tankova are working of the Great Basilica. Currently clears access to that part of the basilica, which remains hidden in the stretch of the boulevard. “Princess Maria Luisa” to “Tsar Boris III Obedinitel” but already crumbling asphalt excavators and archaeologists every moment will be underway. It is expected that their work by the end of the year or early next year, after which there will be a reception committee and thus began work on conservation and restoration.

Plovdiv is a city where is rare to dig smoothly. So two archaeologists from the museum control the new construction, one of the projects is currently at the foot of Old Town and arch. Maya Martinova is constantly watching over the excavation of EVN, which routed the center pipes for heating.

On the Boulevard “Vasil Aprilov” excavation works had already stopped because of findings. In fact in such activity two years ago, excavation of foundations for a new building at the foot of Old Town, was discovered necropolis. Head of the excavation was the architect. Elena Bojinova.
It was about a Christian cemetery of 15-17 century, which were found preserved skeletons of 230 people. The last eight were taken a month ago in finishing excavation. At least eight of the funerals noticed traces of a special relationship – brick in her mouth, tied leg weights. All this talk about the so-called. “Vampires” or efforts to stop living dead rise again …

It is expected that the remains found all Christians to be buried in Central Cemetery in Plovdiv with the religious ceremony until the end of the year, has paid for them.

Among the important projects of the Regional Archaeological Museum is Maltepe mound near the village of Manole. Currently there are conducted geophysical studies of the environmental area of 30 acres, where Maritsa Municipality plans to build a project funded by the Norwegian Programme, a center for experimental archeology and cultural tourism.